Glossary for Case Study words


File Format: standard way of encoding information for storage in a computer.

E-book: An electronic book: it is a book publication in digital format and consists of both text and/ or images.

Synchronize: achieving and maintaining a coordination of events to maintain unison.

Customization: the use of computer aid manufacturing to achieve bespoke characteristic.

Multimedia: media and content that uses a combination of different content forms. Including: text, image, audio, animation, video and interactivity.

Interaction: the action when two or more objects or events have an effect upon one another.

Navigation: this is the process of controlling or monitoring the movement of an object from one place to another.

Search: to find an item with specific properties among a collection of items using a specific algorithm.

Annotation: This is a comment or explanation attached to text, image or other data.

Copy: this is to replicate or duplicate data.

Paste: refers to attaching data.

Export: This refers to distributing or spreading the data into other programs or systems.

Update: To modernize or bring to current date, data.

Reader: a person who is reading a text.

Publisher/ author: the person involved in the process of production of multimedia.

Technology: making, using, modifying and knowledge of tools; machines, techniques, crafts, systems and methods of organization in order to solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Cloud: computers connected through a real time communications network, such as the internet.

App: software created for specific purpose.

Electronic paper: display technologies designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary paper.

EPUB: Electronic publication (EPUB)  is a free file format for digital publishing . It is designed to be compatible for particular display devices.

MOBI: File format for digital publishing, intended for reading and editing.

Page Oriented file format: file format for digital publishing based on the way in which a page is turned from normal viewing.

Platform: a framework on which applications may be run.

Re-flowable file format: this file format can adapt its document’s presentation to the output device.

Self-publishing: publication of media by author without involvement of third-party publishers.

Smartphone: a mobile phone built on mobile operating system with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a regular feature phone.

Tablet: a mobile computer primarily operated by touching the screen.

Widget: a generic type of software application intended for one or more different software platforms.





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