Comparing and contrasting traditional publishing, digital publishing and future publishing

Comparison between the traditional publishing system and the new e book publishing system

The advantages of using the e-book system compared to the traditional system for the publisher:

  • The publisher can more easily distribute their work, through the internet and thus their work can gain popularity and access to the market more easily. Whereas, for the traditional system, the publisher does not have a lot of control over the distribution.
  • There are more and more number of online book vendors that open all the time and thus distribution channels have become greater in number. Whereas, traditional publishers still exist, due to the popularity of digital publishing they are slowly moving into vending digitally published material.
  • There are more text formats being developed, and therefore the digitally published material is more compatible with many devices and becoming more popular.
  • More software is developed which can read digitally published material. Due to increase in popularity of digital devices, people spend more time one digital devices then they did before, and therefore it is becoming more convenient for them to read of their devices instead of physical material.
  • Publishers can track readers reading trends, and which books they like to read more than others. This is because online book trading has such features and this is very useful for the publisher. Thus the publisher can know of reader taste and produce more reading material which is more preferred by readers. Whereas with traditional publishing, this is not possible, because publishers do not have control over how their published material is distributed.
  • The publishers can update the content of their digitally published material, whereas this is not possible for physical material such as books.
  • Additionally, as published material is copyrighted and is intellectual property. Digital methods of distribution and publishing are more secure and are more reliable in assuring that the digital material will not be copied and used without legal consent. Whereas, in traditional publishing, this becomes a major problem, because someone can easily make copies of physical material.

The advantages of using the e-book system for publishing compared to traditional publishing for the readers.

  • Using electronic devices for reading material is becoming more and more common as digital devices are become more advanced and portable, as well as more convenient for people to carry around and read from. Readers can store all their reading material digitally in their devices, whereas this is not possible for traditional publishing and readers have to carry around all their reading material.
  • Electronic devices such as the amazon kindle uses technology such as electronic ink which makes it look more like real ink, which is more preferred by readers, and therefore they prefer to read digitally published material than physical books or newspapers. And due to popularity for digital devices, people like the electronic ink more than published books.
  • Additionally, electronic book vendors online, provide a platform for people to make comments on the published work and allow online payment. This is beneficial to readers because they can know whether the published work is worth to buy. Additionally, the vendors also allow the readers to communicate with authors about their books which is useful for the readers. Whereas this is very difficult to organize in traditionally published books, because it is hard for vendors to tell their customers about books.
  • Also, readers have a lot more flexibility in choosing the kind of books they want to read, the genre, the chapters and so on. This however is not the case for traditionally published books where vendors cannot regulate such options.

Conclusively, more and more people are realizing the advantages of using e books and therefore more people are swaying their interest away from traditional books and more publishers are choosing digital book publishing as the ultimate option.


Current Publishing and Future Publishing Systems

Currently authors depend on publishers who are specialized to distribute and market their books to the right vendors and markets. Therefore, known authors are the ones that can easily publish digital content or using the traditional methods through vendors.

Someone’s opinion is that as digital publishing becomes more popular, more and more people will have the freedom to publish their material and therefore their work would be accessed by more people as a result.

Additionally, the internet is a key tool for future digital publishing development and freedom publishing as the internet will become a wide digital market for readers to choose the kind of books they would like to read and to access all the sorts of reading that they could not through the physical publishing of books and through vendors and book stores.




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