issues arising from digital publishing and e-books

Issues arising from digital publishing and e-books

  • The first issue is that of the illegal distribution of copyrighted digitally published material. This is a rising issue since the first publication of digital material and e books. However as more and more publishers use protection levels and digital rights management they cause other problems which effect the readers that purchase the material for reading. For instance, the use of DRM where control of the use of the e- book is placed on the hands of computer programs has resulted in issues such as the use of hidden trackers and spyware, to monitor the use of the e book. This has resulted in issues of privacy as publishers are interfering with customer privacy and this has led to many lawsuits against publishers.
  • As ebooks are digital content, there is always the issue of compatibility, sometimes as a result of DRM. Where some ebooks are only compatible with certain devices and the formats of some ebooks are not compatible with other devices, and this becomes inconvenient for the reader.
  • Additionally, even though digitally published material is becoming more popular, there are lots of health and safety issues related to the use of digital devices for example eye strain which leads to health issues.
  • The cost of regularly buying new e book readers, because as they develop, firms bring out new e books every day, and to stay up to date readers must spend money on these expensive devices.


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