Last judgement

E-books is certainly the revolution in the publishing industry. It has entered the market and displayed features that cannot be achieved by the traditional print. However, on the other hand there are also benefits to the print which cannot be competed with by the digital devices which aid the digital publishing.

The digital publishing beats the print in many aspects including: Firstly, with the growing use and popularity of the internet, it has become an easy way for publishers to upload their books through online vendors on the internet, and this has become a vast market with great number of people looking at online book stores every day from their devices instead of having to go to book stores, when one is short on time. Additionally, the online payment makes this feature more convenient. Also, digital publishing and online bookstores have such flexibility that the readers love to buy online and read what they want, and how they want, whether it is just a chapter or an entire collection. Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of e-readers which store a big collection of books instead of physically carrying books has led to great pull away from the regular print.

Another determining factor is the increasing concern for the environment, and so more people are moving away from printing and wasting paper to using digital publishing because it is more environmentally friendly.

However, the advantages of using the regular print are: Firstly, for those classic readers nothing beats this, because they enjoy reading from real books rather than using e book readers and getting eye strain and they enjoy going to the bookstore instead of just buying it online. Secondly, as more e book readers come out people have to regular buy the new version to upgrade their device, and this is becoming increasingly expensive, compared to regular printed books.

Even though e book and digital publishing is beating the printing publishers, there will never be the case where the regular books will go out of the market.


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